Online workshop Art and Emotions for children

Jun 2 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Online workshop Art and Emotions for children
The Art and Emotions workshop is dedicated to the children that want to learn more about painting and express their feelings through this form of art. The pieces of art are expressing the children imaginative and conceptual ideals.
In this period, when the children are focused on school classes and homework, we thought it would be very useful for them to have a moment of relaxing and enjoying their passion. Even if they are not experienced, it is a way in which they can use their imagination.
This workshop addresses both the beginners and the advanced. The online class coordinator is Diana Chiriac – she has been passionate about art since childhood, she graduated from Art Highschool and Art University and she has worked with a lot of people using art therapy: children, adults and even older people. During classes, she uses connections with other subjects in school or connections with the emotional part of a being.
The cost of the online workshop is 50 RON. The required materials are: painting canvas, acrylics and a paint brush.
You can contact us to 0755655566 or at the e-mail: